About Worthwhile

Worthwhile Research & Consulting is a boutique consulting firm focusing on culture and communication. We’re located in California and most frequently work with clients and research teams in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. However, airplanes, e‑mail, file-sharing and Skype allow us to work with people around the US and internationally.

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About our founder


Dr. Suzanne Wertheim founded Worthwhile Research & Consulting as a venue for linguistic anthropologists to address both academic and real-world problems. After receiving her Ph.D. in Linguistics from UC Berkeley, Dr. Wertheim held faculty positions at Northwestern, University of Maryland, and UCLA. In addition to teaching thousands of students, Dr. Wertheim has been an invited and plenary speaker around the United States and in Europe, presenting research on language and gender, bilingualism, and anthropology and artificial intelligence. She has done fieldwork with speakers as diverse as Tatar nationalists in the former Soviet Union, Native Americans in central California, and comedians in Los Angeles.

Dr. Wertheim is an expert in ways bias is expressed through language and has written about unconscious demotions and bias in evaluations. Lawyers and HR people might be interested in this interview on linguistic anthropology and employment law. Learn more about Dr. Wertheim’s academic work, find her on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.