Research Collaborations

AI, NLP and computational social science
Worthwhile specializes in providing a social science component for AI and NLP projects and for computational social science research. We partner with computational linguists and computer scientists to create project-specific ontological categories, develop theoretical frameworks, develop social simulation models, and provide analytics to establish ground truth test sets. In addition, we can provide data validation for gold standard data through social science methods such as interviews and surveys. Worthwhile has been a performer on multi-year federally funded research projects.

UX Research
Do you feel solid on the quantitative side, but would like some assistance for qualitative UX research? Our anthropology toolkit can help. We’ll work with you to design and run interviews that give you access to in-depth data. And, if it’s useful, we’ll design and run follow-up surveys based on those interview findings that give you more broad-ranging results.

Contact us to start a discussion on how we might be able to help.