Communication Workshops and Consulting


We specialize in data-driven workshops that apply social science to communication issues in the workplace. Our training uses clear, everyday language, draws on current and real-world examples, and leverages active learning and data analysis.

Managing Communication is leadership communication training for executive and managerial teams. Addressing the communication challenges that come with supervising people, it helps managers and executives better understand the ways that language can lead to issues with employee motivation, engagement, and retention.  

Office Talk and Aligning Your Speech with Your Values address issues of diversity and inclusion, along with the unconscious bias that is expressed and reinforced through language.

Office Talk is designed both for diverse workplaces and for organizations that have not yet reached their diversity goals. It uses data drawn from original research on language, bias, and communication issues in the workplace.

Aligning Your Speech with Your Values has been designed for colleges and universities, and draws upon extensive experience teaching and researching within academia.

For people who have taken Office Talk and want to learn more, we offer our intermediate workshop, Communicating Bias and Inclusion.

Finally, Secret Culture Clashes is training for people who interact with clients or co-workers from another culture. It explains the hidden rules of conversations, how people with different Communication Profiles may have conflicting expectations, and the problems this can cause.

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We offer a range of communication consulting services to help you solve or, even better, prevent problems.

Consulting packages can be bundled with workshops. Services that complement our workshops include:
• On-site office hours
• Anonymized online Q&As
• Collaborative development of “bias interrupters,” e.g., recruitment protocols,
evaluation protocols, engagement enhancers
• On-site ethnographic assessments and interviews
• Data gathering from employees who have resigned for insights on what made them leave

Other consulting services include analysis of and recommendations for meetings; bias and inclusion reviews for internal and external materials, such as websites, handbooks, and advertisements; and language optimization for customer interactions.