Aligning Your Speech with Your Values

People are generally well-intentioned, good-hearted, and believe in equality and fairness. However, despite the best of intentions, many American universities are not succeeding in making their diverse student bodies feel fully included. Students around the country are protesting because they feel marginalized, unwelcome, and even threatened on their own campuses. Female students and students of color, especially in fields where their numbers are small, are pointing out the ways that their classrooms and labs can be hostile environments. And studies show that women and people of color are less frequently mentored, encouraged, or guided by their institutions.

Fortunately, communication-based diversity training can teach students, faculty, staff, and administrators effective language strategies that can help address these issues.  Worthwhile Research & Consulting has developed language strategies for clients ranging from research institutes to screenwriters to the US government. We’d like to help, and are offering diversity training called Aligning Your Speech with Your Values.

Aligning Your Speech with Your Values recognizes that while most people believe in equality and fairness, our unconscious behaviors may not reflect those values. And these behaviors can be harmful, even when they’re unintentional.  Our workshop is based on the scientific principles of linguistic anthropology and is taught in clear, everyday language. Based on years of linguistic research, our training is designed to make people aware of behaviors that can feel offensive and demoralizing, or get in the way of productive and positive interactions, and teach them better ways to communicate. By training members of the community in the ways that language conveys social meaning, universities can help them understand the most common expressions of implicit bias.  

Aligning Your Speech with Your Values:
• Is taught by Ph.D.s in Linguistics and Anthropology
• Is presented in non-judgmental language
• Focuses on communication “hot spots” that can cause problems in classrooms, office hours, labs, and more
• Presents alternatives to problematic behaviors
• Uses collaborative exercises that generate practical solutions
• Leaves participants with an analytical toolkit they can apply on their own
• Is customized for each institution and each group within that institution.

Contact us to learn more. We’ll be happy to meet with you to learn more about your institution’s particular needs. Consultations are free, and no-obligation. Workshops can also be combined with on-site ethnographic assessment, reports, and follow-up consulting.