Managing Communication: Developing Sensitivity and Skills

Strong communication skills are central to good management. Interpersonal communication is complex, and managing people complicates things even more. Poor communication skills, cultural differences, and clashing communication styles can all hurt employee engagement and motivation.

Our workshop Managing Communication can help, with customized leadership training that teaches how language really works.

Managing Communication is based on the scientific principles of linguistic anthropology and is taught in clear, everyday language. Based on years of linguistic research, the workshop takes data and insights that have been locked inside academia and brings them to your executive and managerial teams.

Our training can be customized to meet the professional development needs of your organization. Topics include:

• Recognizing and dealing with culture clashes
• The dangerous ways that hierarchies affect interactions
• Communication strategies that encourage team participation and collaboration
• Gender and communication in the workplace
• Identifying and working through unconscious bias as a manager

Participants leave with examples and models of the ways communication affects their professional life and an analytical toolkit they can apply on their own.

Contact us to learn more. If you’re in Northern California, we’ll be happy to meet with you in person to learn more about your company’s particular needs. If you’re elsewhere in the US, we can do a needs assessment via phone or Skype. These consultations are free, and no-obligation. This training can also be combined with on-site ethnographic assessment, reports, and follow-up consulting.