Office Talk: Improving Communication and Collaboration

How do you get your employees to solve problems and do good work while also maintaining good relationships?

This is one of the biggest challenges any company faces.

If your company’s culture and communication patterns aren’t working, it can lead to:
• Less productive teams
• Employee dissatisfaction and disengagement
• Churn and attrition
• A negative reputation that leads to recruiting issues
• Problems meeting diversity and inclusion goals
• Discrimination or harassment lawsuits

These can all result in serious problems for your company’s bottom line.

 Office Talk can help.

Office Talk is data-driven communication training for today’s workplaces. Informed by the latest social science research, Office Talk is designed to improve your company’s communication culture and to facilitate diversity and inclusion.

Our workshop is based on 20 years of research and teaching about language and diversity.

It is designed to avoid the problems that so often arise from other kinds of diversity and bias training, which include backlashes, hostility, and increases in “bad” behavior. By introducing diversity training as an innocuous communication workshop and focusing on data rather than negative labels, we bypass stress responses and increase employee buy-in.

Office Talk:
• Avoids terminology that makes people feel defensive and causes them to shut down
• Uses data from the here and now to circumvent the usual protests of “sure, some people do that but we’re different.”
• Leverages active learning and data analysis by participants to increase engagement, buy-in, and credibility.
• Avoids blaming and shaming by focusing on perspective taking and what it’s like to be on the receiving end of interactions that express bias.
• Teaches strategies to bring up, discuss, and fix communication issues.

Office Talk can be customized to your workplace and company culture.

We begin with a needs assessment, and can do an anonymous survey that lets you pinpoint areas of concern and make sure that the training addresses them directly. Office Talk can be combined with rapid ethnographic assessment, on-site office hours, online Q&As, targeted guidance, and collaborative development of “bias interruptors.”

Contact us to learn more. If you’re in Northern California (or Los Angeles, and the time is right), we’ll be happy to meet with you in person to learn more about your company’s particular needs. If you’re elsewhere in the US, we can do a needs assessment via phone or Skype. These consultations are free, and no-obligation.